Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Too Much About People's Privilege

Recently, ever after the scandal of NSA's global surveillance system, people are terrified by all of a sudden, it looks like more and more tech columnist started to research on people's privilege on the Internet, especially the security and privilege provided by Big Tech Company's Service.

This week, some of tech writers started to bite Google on Google's Android Wifi password automatic back-up system. People are complaining about their privilege being prevailed or exposed to the government by chance. (If not familiar with this topic, check out this link, and the links this blog links to.)

Then, what I say, Use It or Quit It.

Tech is improving our lives from very early by the people with good will. It helps people spend less time on manual work, less focus on memorize things less important or over complicated. It helps billions of people on every second. Our world should appreciate today's technology. While, the technology is invented or improved by human being, we usually make it from our nature, make the computer works like a human. That's why it works like a human being, but harder, since they are not emotional. For a better work, computer has to memorize some of important information so they could improve the quality of their work. This is why Google needs to store the settings like password on your Android devices to quickly restore any settings on a new device.

If you are smart-device user, you will be ware of the device's memorization function could greatly improve service and your user experience on these devices. It memorize things, so you could skip type in those repeated information again and again. This is just one of many helps from technology's memorization function.

From another perspective, your information is part of your assets, and these tech companies are the bank you use to keep your assets. They keep it, so they could provide it to you when you need it. This works perfectly similar with our banks like Chase or BOA. These banks also sell our information to the third party, I guess that's why I receive a bunch of refinance ads letters recently. But we barely complain about it, and I don't know who I should complain to. We still deposit our money in those banks, because they provide "secure" and "convenient" service to us. However, as most of us know, these information of our accounts in bank are very easy for government to retrieve. But we still use it.

So, if we can still trust our banks in this way, why don't we just trust these tech companies like Google who have the good will. You can't complain about the technology, because that's how it works and helps, it could not just simply provide everything you need without storing any of it. If you have your doubt on any service you use, you either could use it with your doubt, or just stop using it. You have no other choice.

In the other way, if people are trying too hard on prevent using some of technology, then it would be the kill of our innovation, it will slow the pace of its improvement.

So, let just have faith in these companies, may they keep their good will as they used to.
Happy Innovation.